• Feel Warmer this Winter in Petersburg, IL

    furniture petersburg ilDoes the winter feel like the most horrible time of the year? Do you look forward to Spring as soon as the first freeze hits? For many, winter time is a dark and dreary, and they find it hard to escape the cold, even when they’re in their own home. However, you don’t have to shiver all season long – there are things you can do to improve the warmth of your home and your furniture. But how? How do you keep out Old Man Winter when he comes banging at your door? Take these tips into account for a season that’s cozy rather than cold.

    Blanket Up

    If you’re prone to feeling cold or your home is prone to letting the cold in, you can never have too many blankets. Wool blankets, cotton blankets, space blankets – go with what ya’ feel. Just be sure to adorn every couch, love seat, and chair with something that will help you cozy up on the coldest of winter’s nights.

    Let Your Vents Breathe

    One of the biggest mistakes of homeowners trying to warm their homes is blocking air vents and registers. You may not even know you’re doing it. However, making sure that your air ducts are clear and able to circulate warm air as needed could go a long way to keeping you warmer during the winter. Check underneath and behind pieces of furniture to ensure you aren’t impeding warmth that could be spreading throughout your home.

    Placement Matters

    Something else that helps keep your home warm is the placement of your furniture throughout the home. A couch that sits underneath a window sill or on an outward facing wall will seem colder because that’s where cold air leaks into the home. Rearranging furnishings, around fireplaces or underneath ceiling vents, will help you feel warmer.

    Rely on Rugs

    If you have wood or tile floors, you can understand how cold it can make you to walk across – these surfaces don’t retain heat well. Using area rugs and other floor coverings will protect your feet from the cold surface and help you feel warmer no matter where you are in the house.