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    We all know the feeling – the furnace is running full blast, but you aren’t getting warmer. On cold winter nights in Springfield, IL and throughout Central IL, getting your full eight hours could prove difficult if you’re shivering instead of sleeping. Unfortunately, we can’t keep the winter from coming, but, we can use some simple decorating ideas to cut down on drafty areas and maximize the warm air in your room. Take look at how you can keep your home warmer this season!

    Stay away from the windows

    If you have large windows in your room, don’t position your bed below or in a direct line with the window to avoid drafts of cold air that leak through the window sills. These bursts of cold air can lower the temperature in your room and make your furnace work overtime trying to keep the temp. down.

    Huddle around the heat

    While staying away from the windows, you should be positioning yourself next to the available air vents in your room. Whether they’re on the wall, ceiling or floor, find a space close by to take advantage of warm air, and make sure not to cover any of them up!

    Bring in reinforcements

    As far as decorating ideas go, you may actually be hurting the decoration of your bedroom with this next tip.  Space heaters are affordable and come in a variety of sizes. They’re perfect for the job of heating up you room, but make sure you turn them off when you leave!

    Bring in more reinforcements

    If you’re trying to make the temperature rise without raising the cost of heating your home, you may just want to pile on a few more blankets. It will have stave off drafts and you won’t see your energy bill shoot through the roof.