• Common furniture repair jobs for longer-lasting décorfurniture repair springfield il

    When it comes to furniture, people tend to get attached to their favorite pieces. Years of movie time, Super Bowl parties and other great memories make it hard to let go of the things that have made us so comfortable. However, you may not actually have to let go of your favorite furniture. Here are a few times furniture repair can help you extend the life of your favorite furnishings that keep the good times rolling.

    Legs & Feet

    The legs of a table or chair may be an easy fix in the right circumstances. No, you won’t be repairing anything that looks like it’s been used in a WWE match. However, a simple broken table leg or chair rung or a foot on a couch should be no problem for some good ‘old wood glue.

    Couch Springs

    We’ve all been there – you plop down on the couch only to realize that you’re almost sitting on the floor. No, you aren’t gaining weight. What’s actually happening is the springs of your couch are weakening, which makes it hard for them to hold you up. A spring replacement is a furniture repair that can be done rather easily with the right equipment – look online for springs, tools and even places to do the repairs for you!

    Handles & Levers

    If you own a recliner, you know that sometimes it doesn’t always recline when you need it to. A broke handle or lever is an easy and affordable fix, and many manufacturers will send you the part and instructions for repair at no extra cost.


    You may also notice that your couch cushions are lacking the firmness and bounce that you expect. Fix this problem by replacing the stuffing or buying new cushions that fit inside of the old coverings. Also, depending on your furniture, you may just be able to flip them over for years of extra use!


    If the only thing about your furniture that’s broken is your style, you may be the in the market for a reupholster job. These are great for updating the style of your décor without having to bare the price of all new furniture. Find a local furniture store for details about reupholstering service.

    We recommend you try to make the simple fix when it comes to broken furniture. However, don’t hesitate to start over with something new from a local furniture outlet.  The Furniture Den in Petersburg, IL offers new furniture, repairs and even reupholstering service – we’re your one-stop furniture shop!