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    As with any new venture, there is a first step.  This may be the first step for a blog, but I’ve been miles in the furniture business with more to go.  In this blog I will bring design trends, both new, fresh off the market, and include the not so new, yet classic and timeless.  I will be discussing the makeovers, the trash to treasures, hashing out the details in what I consider a market “alternative” as in, altered furnishings.   Because I am in the business, it’s possible for me to write what is happening behind the scenes amid the whole industry, the struggle with online vs. brick and mortar.  The innovation from the big manufacturing players down to our own “little shop of horrors” I call it, as we turn dilapidated, crumbling examples (in upholstery), like a boat’s side rails, into lasting innovative panels using better quality products.  Products you may not be familiar with, but are on the market today and available to the consumer.   I hope to bring attention to how pre-1980’s furnishings were made very well; if you come across an older built piece, it’s likely made of solid wood and veneers.  Look it over, under and within because, we all know, things get replaced, and the current trend is cheaper with inferior durability, designed for speedier degradation in time.  You can still find quality furniture out there.  Yet price points and planned obsolescence is part of the product manufactured today.  Haters are going to hate as skimpers are going to skimp, but it’s a big revenue stream prominent in the marketplace, and there’s a demand for it.  I recognize that. I’ve been there, buying; and went through the failing of a piece to non-repairable and disposal.  Now, I choose to offer some alternative options, as well as feature the quality that can be found in the marketplace.

    Today, I want to highlight our retail furniture side and how I have been seeing alternative furnishing techniques influence the mass market.  The emphasis is with artisan flair because of the craftsmanship involved in woodworking, paints, stains and finishes, upholstery, etc.  These two dinette sets are from our manufacturing sources on the retail furniture sales in The Furniture Den; they are larger dinette sets, being family friendly, and on trend.  The beauty and purposeful hand rendering are obvious. They fit casual/contemporary design and are understated, lending well to open floor plans and adding depth in the layer of surface treatments.

    Below is the Weathered Sand Table.  It has iron legs with a low beam matching the table top.  Its hand-crafted feature is a natural edge along the direction of the table grain and bench. The table is 80″x38″ and a beautiful surface.  It’s modern, and the straight angle industrial shape is offset by the softness of the table’s surface color and a natural wave at the sides.

    weathered sand table

    The modern farmhouse style has stepped up from the simple country style of yesteryear.  The appreciation of time-honored tough material as this galvanized table top (below) has made this set a favorite of customers.  Using Nail head tacks to accent the look on the chairs, and the zinc top, makes the set work in an industrial style.  I used to have a workbench covered like this. Just saying, it was generational, from my Dad.

    galvanized farmhouse table

    The Weathered Sand Table lists $856. The chairs are $166, each, and the Bench lists $380.  The farmhouse table costs $884, with the chairs costing $144, each, and the side server running $838.  Call for availability and details of shipping or delivery in Central Illinois; special limits apply for shipment and delivery, and there are no charges for in-store pickup.

    Looking at the construction, these tables are sound.  The chairs are 39.5 tall and have a seat box of foam covering a base, which gives it firm support.  The Weathered Sand table seats have a base made of molded plastic, like what’s in boat seats, and the seat depth is 16″ from the front to the lumbar.  The galvanized table seats are 18″ deep to the lumbar.   I think the design and finishes are full of character and the market has delivered that craftsman appeal.  The table and chairs are sold separately, and other chair styles can be suggested in place of what is shown.  They do not offer an all wood chair for these tables, the other styles suggested are upholstered, both seat and back.

    Thank you for visiting.  Next month my intro will cover a few details of the amusing Millennial shopper, as outlined by buzziness leads of the furniture industry…already labeling the young ones, no worries, I have a few young adults of my own, and they are so loved.   Then I’ll be highlighting our upholstery side in the “little shop of horrors” for the transformation of a His and Hers set…the two unmatched made to match…herein are The Expressful Elements of Dawn Dodd

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