• Millenials on the radar: the changing furniture industry 

    I’m going straight to the subject the furniture industry leads are fussing about and moving ahead, the Millennial generation is on the market radar, and I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the space the market leads are dashing into…. It’s called, “shoppertainment” and millenials are said to want to experience things before a commitment of cash outlay on ownership.  So our market-driven businesses are gearing up to transition for more, as expected, online is going vertical.  When it comes to home furniture and millenials, the biggest move has been made by Williams-Sonoma. They acquired Outward, a 3-D imaging and visual reality company, that has been offering the marketplace new, interactive shopping experiences for the past three years. Launched at Pottery Barn, this proven invention features the 3-D Room View app that can move and remove furniture in virtual space, interchanging rugs, lighting, and accessories for a personal feel.  From changing fabric colors to wood finishes and more, it helps complete the whole package. Also, they offer help from an in-store designer to help in planning a cohesive space, all that, just for getting access to 3-D Room View.  The Price tag was $112 million for Outward.   I haven’t been online there, but I will take a look and see.  In conclusion of my blog introduction about millenials and the Furniture Industry, here’s a  quote from the founder of Outward, Clarence Chui.

    “Joining the WSI team presents us with a unique opportunity to extend our leadership of the intersection of imaging technology and retail, and allows us to strengthen our support of existing customers and the entire home industry.  We look forward to partnering with WSI to create the next generation of online, in-store and design service experiences, and execute our shared belief that technology and innovation drive business.”

    The source of this info was from the News & Analysis section of hfndigital.com William-Sonoma Buys Tech Startup by Allison Zisko Managing Editor of HFN Magazine.

    Un-Match, Made-to-Match Furnishings

    Ok, let me get back into my business and pull my head out of wherever it went thinking about technology, in the Cloud, right? We often get smaller adults looking for something to fit them.  Everywhere they go, the experience of uncomfortable furniture designed on averages is something they just have to deal with it.  Office furniture has adjustments to make it adaptable to many body types.  Even some cars today have a memorized adjustment of driver 1 and another for driver 2, and I love that. However, at home, you try to really settle in and enjoy. That was the concept behind the His and Her seating, the King and Queen, the Mr. and Mrs., etc. It’s nothing unheard of, just not common.   Below was a challenge brought to the guys at the little shop of horrors by the dastardly mastermind, AKA daring master upholsterer of The Furniture Den, Gary.  “Make these two look alike.” He said, “Keep the wing back, but make it tight and high.”  Among other changes that came forth and usually get muffled in translation.  There’s no sense trying to remember because it’s good for him; it makes him quick and able think on his feet while overseeing the progress. We know him, and he may change his mind later.

    his and hers chairslittle shop of horrors

    Here are the subjects and that is Venus showing her teeth.  Venus is in the building, everyone!  Well, it isn’t pleasant to watch anyway. And we get the all clear, “Venus has left the building!”  Ok, it did take some time.  The final result is a beautiful set, dressed in a stunning pattern, rich in color and warmth.  With just enough subtle shade to compliment today’s darker wood tones, they made a boxed seating with a 5″ cushion and beefed up the arms with more padding. The chair on the right had the back heightened.  It is the smaller chair, allowing a shorter seat depth and width. The price of the set price is $899.  The foam is a 2.7 density, which is of greater quality than the industry standard of 1.8. Featuring continuous no-sag spring under support, it sits all on a solid wood frame with an updated wing detail.

    mismatched chairs

    Below is another set that was done in our little shop for customers and turned out amazing.   They are a mismatch, and you see how well they present.   Great work guys!

    unmatched chairs

    Thank you for visiting.  Next month my intro will cover a few details of our Spring/Summer line up of décor for 2018, as presented by The Furniture Den. Then, I’ll be highlighting our upholstery side in the “little shop of horrors” for the those that planned ahead, and we’ve got their boats done just in time for the warm up!!!! ……… herein are The Expressful Elements of Dawn Dodd

    the furniture den petersburg il

    Live Expressful, Trust your Element, And Fear No Elephant!