• Check these places when cleaning furniture in Petersburg, IL

    Not everyone stays current with cleaning. When life gets busy, it’s often the household task that gets most easily pushed aside to tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow. But even if you’re someone who schedules time on a weekly basis to clean your house, it’s probably dirtier than you think! Commonly missed spots can contribute a surprising amount to the overall cleanliness of your humble abode, and making sure to add in a regular check of some surprising locations will have you happier, healthier, and – most importantly – cleaner.

    Doors and doorknobs

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    Interior and exterior doors serve a much-needed function in your home, but often serve their duty in silence. Many people don’t take much notice of the condition of their doors – especially if they are made of dark wood or painted a dark color. However, doors touched on a daily basis, and accumulate dirt and germs! Make sure you take time every week to disinfect the knobs. Additionally, you’ll want to clean the door itself every month or so, especially if you have the very common habit of closing the door by touching it, rather than the knob.

    Underneath furniture

    While it may seem like there’s not much room underneath there, neglecting to clean under furniture could leave you with a buildup of dust and dirt. Additionally, it’s easy to skip this part of your cleaning to save yourself a few extra minutes. However, this severe build up can permanently damage the floor underneath the furniture, attract pests and more. Make sure you’re cleaning up, down, around and underneath!

    Underneath your seat cushions

    furniture cleaning petersburg ilSeat cushions are the unsung heroes of the furniture world. They make it comfortable to sit, after all! But due to their nature, they can become serious traps for dirt, dust, and debris – especially in chairs where the cushions are removable, such as couches and armchairs. This is only amplified if you snack on the couch or have small kids who will hide their toys beneath the cushions. Use a vacuum to suck out any crumbs from under the seat cushions, and use specialized upholstery cleaners to take care of any stubborn stains.

    Table legs

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    You probably wash the table top, but what about the legs? These can collect some serious dirt without much notice! When you’re cleaning the tabletop, simply wipe down the legs of your table as well in order to pick up any mess that might have gathered on them. Additionally, you can use a furniture protectant to ensure that your table stays in great condition.

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