• Spring Summer 2018 Market lineup  

    Here at The Furniture Den, it’s natural for us to have a particular liking to uncommon things packed with detail and character. Therefore, we have dedicated space in the store for artisan accents and décor. We invite consignments of art and finely crafted goods from local artisans to display for sale.

    We are pleased to promote “AS Shop Junkie Werks,” which is a line of imaginative and specialized industrial welding done by Albert Stier. A professional welder, Albert also volunteers in demonstrations of blacksmithing at Lincoln’s New Salem Village. Albert’s work is forged out things that can take the heat. No aluminum here, Albert uses molten copper, iron and brass to bend, shape and forge what he turns into unique sculpture art. You’ll see a piece that tells a story, sends a memory or something that brings out your smile within. Each piece is hand crafted, titled and one of a kind.

    Another of our local vendors is “Iris Ann Craft & Wood Restoration” with the talents of Vicki Dodd (Vicki is our daughter).  She specializes in items of ambience for the home. She offers assorted hand-poured, scented or unscented, candles as well as household accents in specialty finishes. With finishes such as rubbed stain, brushed paint or crackle and faded washes she incorporates these design elements into wall décor or furniture.  Vicki has done home candle making, and specialty wood finishing as a hobby-turned business. She grew up in the furniture industry, then….BAM!…the wood finishing surfaced. Anyway, we are pleased and proud to feature her work as part of our artisan market.

    Our son Leonard Dodd has been an experienced upholsterer for over 15 years, and he does upholstery for Wiley Office Equipment in their commercial panels and office furniture lines. His artisan work involves woodworking and dimensional wood carving. The pieces we have in the store are shadow boxes in honor of military service. Additionally, he fulfills special orders, from Civil War artifact reproduction to specific renditions commissioned to focus on a professional field, inquire about his information in store. Most recent was a technical image of an x-ray, masterfully carved and ghosted into rustic wood for a statement piece in a Doctor’s personal office.

    We have jewelry from “Livi Designs.” Olivia Painter Dudley’s premier line features chains with semiprecious stones, earring sets, necklaces and more. She has a natural free form in her style with attention to balance and quality.

    Last, we have my hand picked selections of glass, metal, and ceramic art dishes, vases, garden statues and tablescapes for adding style and flair to your home. Likewise, large mirrors, mix-media wall art, and throw pillows provide pops of color, design and texture, and they are all ready for the Spring and Summer of 2018 here at Furniture Den!

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    A “Boat Wrenching” Story

    Boating season approaches, and the best time to get boat seats and panels redone is during the winter when you aren’t using your boat – nobody wants to boat without seats! For this project, we had the control gearbox removed and reconnected by East Side Marine. The side panels came to us almost in splinters. The custom liked, and wanted to keep, the original colors and patterns, so we used color-matching to ensure the refinished panels matched the old. The captain seats are of molded plastic and the back bench seat and engine sun deck were given all new fabric and foam. Wood was replaced with a composite of plastic fiberglass board. We used a jigsaw to cut the panel and boards out, and finished them with marine-grade vinyl, designed to resist fade and water from long days on the water. Another terrific job is completed by the boys working in the back – Thanks Guys!

    All hands were on deck with no minutes to spare on a Friday just as Gary orders “Get it Done.” We did a final clean up inside the boat before the install as the removal of the side panels left a mess. Darin had a slim area to work with, and the wrench he was using slipped out of his hand and down a small hole that lead to the hull. he thought he lost his wrench. Having a few choice words to say, he went to go look for another one. He was feeling the loss. He talked about the replacement, a new socket set too, and where it came from. I have been around long enough to know people love their tools and need them to work. As a result, tied a magnet to a string and went about retrieving the wrench. Me, with smaller hands, worked out the wrench. He wised up and used the twine to make a handy wristwrench (or wrenchlet) and got it done!

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    Thank you for visiting. Next month I am going to discuss fabrics, pets and how to choose a fabric that your pets won’t ruin. Additionally, I’ll feature our newest fabric addition – breathable vinyl – it shows well and feels soft. Our Feature Story is a 55 Chevy restoration including refinished door panels, front seats and back seat in a classic blue and white.

    Herein are The Expressful Elements of Dawn Dodd

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    Live Expressful, Trust your Element, And Fear No Elephant!