• Springfield, IL Furniture Restoration: Make old furniture like new

    old furniture springfield il

    Just like everything else, furniture undergoes wear and tear over time. What was once new and dazzling furniture becomes old and faded due to a variety of factors. To some people, furniture normally has some sentimental value, and even if it gets old, throwing it away can be a struggle. In addition to this struggle getting new furniture is time-consuming and expensive. To avoid all this hustle, you can opt to spruce up old furniture to restore and repurpose your favorite pieces. Here are a few tips to help get you started!

    Covering scratches in wood

    Over time, furniture gets a lot of scratches that give it an ugly appearance. Scratches can be covered using moist coffee grounds. All you need to do is to dip a cotton swab in the coffee grounds and apply it to the wooden surfaces. Give the cotton ground time to dry up by leaving it on for at least ten minutes before wiping the surface with a dry cotton towel. The coffee grounds are good for darker wood furniture. For lighter wood furniture, walnut is the best option. Simply rub walnut over the scratched area. Give it some time to settle in the scratch before wiping the surface.

    Removal of stubborn stains

    Stubborn stains are another issue that makes furniture lose its luster. In order to remove stubborn stains, all you need is canola oil and vinegar. Thoroughly mix a quarter cup of canola oil with a three-quarter full cup of white vinegar. After mixing it, apply it to the stained surface using a cotton cloth. After a few minutes, the stains begin to fade away, and the old furniture regains its shiny look.

    Eliminating cracks in the varnish

    Damaged varnish is another issue that makes furniture lose its luster. If only the furniture’s varnish has been damaged, and not the paint, then all you need to repair this is clear nail polish and sandpaper. The nail polish can be applied to the damaged area and left to dry after ten minutes. After the varnish has dried, you can use sandpaper to flatten the area until it regains the shiny appearance.

    Choose a good upholstery service

    Sometimes when furniture gets too old and damaged, the only remedy is to have it upholstered. This means you need to get a good upholstery service provider that will tell you whether the furniture you have is worth upholstering and what will be done during the upholstery process. The right reupholstery service also needs to give you a breakdown of the costs.

    The tips above will come in handy when you want to spruce up that piece of furniture that has immense sentimental value to you and save you a lot of money and time in the process.