• Benefits of reupholstering the furniture at your Springfield, IL home

    reupholstering springfield il

    Cherish your old furniture for years to come by reupholstering and restoring them to excellent condition.

    The furniture Den offers professional upholstery and reupholstery services to bring your furniture back to life. Whether it’s the old grandma rocking chair or that comfy sofa, there are huge benefits in reupholstering your favorite pieces rather than throwing them out.

    Sentimental Value

    Reviving old or aged furniture may be suitable, especially if they hold sentimental value, such as furniture passed down from your parents, grandparents or even great-grandparents. Or, it may be a piece of a furniture set you want to keep together. Whatever the reason for giving it a makeover, you will get to preserve the sentimental value of the furniture piece, transforming it into a priceless possession.

    Higher Quality

    Another benefit of upholstery or reupholstery is to keep that better-quality furniture intact. Antique furniture features stronger frames than modern-day furniture due to their solid wood structure. They have a higher standard of quality and comfort, and some have intricate engravement, also not typically seen in modern furniture.


    Reupholstering is a cost-effective solution to preserving old, quality furniture. You can save money while keeping your exquisite, inherited furniture by simply restoring their feel and stylish finish.

    This usually costs less but depends on the type and amount of work to be done. Even if it costs the same or a bit more to reupholster; that may be better than buying new furniture of lower quality for the same or higher price.

    Custom Design

    You can play a role in custom designing your antique furniture if needed. The Upholstery Den has a large selection of fabrics and patterns available. This allows you to choose a color and stylish finish to match your unique taste and home décor.

    If you are redecorating or remodeling your home and must throw out the old furniture, The Upholstery Den has a wide range of new furniture to choose from.