• Use these tips to decide if a new couch is in your future!

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    Now that winter is almost at an end, you may be thinking about spring cleaning, planting, and house upgrades. As you’re diving into your upcoming chores for the season, you may want to take another look at your furniture. This is a fantastic time to find local furniture deals in Springfield, IL. You may be wondering if it’s time to replace your couch and loveseat. Here are four sure signs that you’re ready for new furniture:

    1. Sagging cushions

    You know you need to check out your local furniture stores when you see the sad sagging of your couch cushions. When your furniture cushions no longer have that firm, bouncy feel to them, they need to be replaced.

    2. Stains you can’t hide

    Sometimes you can work with stains; some stains will even come out. But after a while, you just can’t hide the stains anymore. Stains can start to accumulate. You know you’ve waited a bit too long when the stains start to create a whole new design of their own!

    3. Doesn’t match anymore

    Maybe you bought your furniture set 20 years ago when your living room was a completely different color and style. You may have lived in a different home when you first purchased your couch. Now the furniture doesn’t match, and it looks outdated and old. Reupholstering is an option since the frame is still in good shape, but either way, you need to find a good furniture outlet store to meet your needs.

    4. Broken or ripped

    You really need new furniture when the legs are broken off, and the couch is sitting on the floor. It’s even worse when just one couch leg is bent. Or maybe the arm is broken and hanging loose, or the cushions are ripped. Anytime the couch is broken, no amount of reupholstering will do, it’s time for some new furniture.

    If any of these situations sound like you, or if you just feel like redecorating your place, then check out The Furniture Den!