• Design elements to incorporate into winter décor in Springfield, IL

    December 18, 2018 | Blog
  • winter decor springfield il

    Here are a few design tips you can use to spruce things up this winter

    With winter in full swing, we’re sure you’ve already switched everything over to your Winter décor. However, if you’re thinking that something’s missing, you may be right. Even with all seasonal sales on décor, it can be tough to get your look just right for the holiday. With that in mind, we put together a list of some of the design elements that you may want to use to maximize the effect of your home’s winter décor. These design elements could be what your home is missing!

    Evergreen Branches

    evergreen clippings springfield il

    If you’re like my family, you insist on a real Christmas Tree every year. The problem? The perfectly real Christmas tree may be hard to find, meaning you’ll have to settle for something that’s too big or too small. Opt for the larger tree and use the clippings to decorate inside and outside of your home. It’s an authentic winter look that keeps sustainability in mind. You can even buy tree clippings if you’re not sold on a real tree in your home.

    Glitter & Fake Snow

    winter decorations springfield il

    What says holiday cheer better than glitter and fake snow? Likely nothing, however, it’s important to be vigilant with these two things in your winter décor. First, glitter tends to get all over everything, which won’t make you the most popular party on the block. Fake snow, when used in copious amounts, can appear tacky and thoughtless. All I’m saying is use these things tastefully to experience their full decorative benefit.

    Santa Iconography

    santa claus springfield il

    He’s the man in the big, red suit. He’s the one we’re all here for.  And, his face is plastered everywhere. Everyone loves a good, jolly depiction of Santa Claus, but going overboard could bury the genius of your design under all that white beard hair. Use Santa sparingly to get the most out of Santa’s decorative value.

    The Nativity Scene

    nativity scene decor springfield il

    The nativity scene is a favored decoration of many, and its use has to do with the decorations themselves. Some people opt for a large scene that is lit up on the lawn.  For others, it may be a figurine set, carefully placed by a well-lit window sill. Whichever way you do it, this can be a traditional touch to your Christmas decorations.


    mistletoe springfield il

    The beauty of mistletoe is that it’s really only appropriate to use it once or twice (at the most) throughout a home. Can you imagine all the kissing going on if there were more than that? Our advice – it’s classy, so hang it someplace that you’ll bump into someone special.