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    Here’s all you need to know about deconstructed furniture

    As a furniture shop, we understand that people’s preferences change as quickly as trends change. In the world of social media, a trend could start one day and be done the next. Lately, we’ve noticed a design trend popping up called ‘deconstructed furniture.’ This is a bare-bones take on furniture, and it’s a design that can really add to your home if you do it right. Read on for more details about the deconstructed furniture design trend, how it started, and how you can utilize this style to contribute to a classy home design.

    What is deconstructed furniture?

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    The basic idea behind deconstructed furnishings is peeling away the upholstery to reveal the lining and interior construction of the piece of furniture. It’s a design trend that’s being used all over, and it is gaining popularity for its ability to incorporate different styles in a simplistic look that adds style and appeal to any room in the home.


    • Turn old furniture into new furniture
    • It’s a great way to ‘fix’ damaged furniture
    • Incorporates different styles in one simplistic look
    • Adds appeal to any room in the home


    • You may ruin your furniture
    • You may expose dangerous nails and fastenings that could cause injury
    • When utilized incorrectly, you can actually hurt the design of your home

    Real Deconstructed Furniture v. Faux Deconstructed Furniture

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    This trend  caught on, and furniture designers took notice, manufacturing their own brand new deconstructed furniture. With real deconstructed furnishings, you have the opportunity to reuse furniture and save money. Faux deconstructed furniture may actually cost you more for the look.

     The Verdict

    This is trend that certainly isn’t going away anytime soon. It can be likened to the idea of buying vintage-looking jeans – are you really going to spend more for jeans that have holes already cut in them? The answer is that you might if you have the means. However, if you want the look without the cost, it can easily be achieved by reusing old furniture.