• Springfield, IL Design Trends: The Skinny on Mid-Century Modern

    February 11, 2019 | Blog Decorating
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    Will someone explain ‘mid-century modern’ to me?

    In the world of furnishings and design, trends come and go, and there’s no telling how long something will stick around before it’s no longer in style. Lately, there’s been a lot of talk all over the Springfield, IL area about one of the newest trends in furniture design: mid-century modern. We love the furniture, but what does it mean? Below, we’ll provide a short overview of mid-century modern furniture, where it got its start, common design themes and how it projects into the future.

    What is ‘mid-century modern’ furniture?

    mid-century modern furniture design springfield il

    This is a great question, and it’s one that’s being asked by design enthusiasts all over the area. In the grand scheme, this term refers to a global shift in design trends that began to value utility for use in the smaller, mass-produced homes that were being built following WWII.

    As a result, furniture and décor had to be small, serve multiple purposes or be able to be utilized in a number of different ways throughout the home. In addition, it incorporates modern design trends that permeate contemporary furniture design.

     Who started this design movement?

    mid-century modern design springfield il

    The woman that’s most often credited with the beginning of the mid-century modern movement is Cara Greenberg. She  coined the term in a book about this very style. While she put a name on it in 1984, this trend stretches to the end of WWII. At this time, mass-produced homes were hitting the marketplace for returning veterans that were ready to start families.

    Design Themes: Mid-Century Modern

    mid-century modern furniture springfield il

    • Use of new, artificial materials
    • Combining artificial materials with wood
    • Utility in design means furniture using furniture in a variety of ways
    • Prevalence of smooth, organic or curved surfaces
    • Items designed to appear handmade

    The Future of Mid-Century Modern

    mid-century modern interior design springfield il

    Projecting into the future, this design trend isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s been a popular style of furniture since it’s origination in the forties and fifties, and, seemingly, it only becomes more popular as time goes on.