• Utilizing architectural salvage in your design

    When it comes to designing your home, you could make yourself go broke by filling every corner with some cutesy piece of décor or furniture. However, decorating this way is highly unsustainable. The products aren’t made to the same quality that they were years ago, and they tend to break down faster. Due to this, people all over the Chatham, IL area are integrating architectural salvage into their designs. From reusing furniture to repurposing building materials, there are many benefits to this type of decorating and design. Read on to see what’s great about reusing materials for the benefit of your home.

    Green, Sustainable Design

    sustainable interior design chatham il

    One of the benefits of this type of decoration is that it keeps things out of landfills. By reusing furniture, décor and building materials, you’re contributing to limiting your use of trash and your overall carbon footprint. While this may not seem like it makes a huge difference, everyone that choose to reuse a material is doing their part to help out.

    Great Quality, High Design

    repurposed furniture chatham il

    While some of the items you use may be torn, ripped or otherwise damaged, this all plays into the design and the appeal of using these items. Additionally, the overall quality of reused furniture or building materials may outperform newer, mass-produced materials that are sold on today’s marketplace.

    Small Business Opportunity

    architectural salvage furniture chatham il

    The use of repurposed materials is great because it provides economic opportunity in the local community. Anybody with old furniture or décor can sell the items themselves, or they can sell items for others such as a consignment shop.  This provides a local business opportunity that could help strengthen the economy for your city or town.

    How to Utilize Architectural Salvage in Design

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    While you may understand the concept behind the architectural salvage design trend, you may not understand how to employ these things in your own home. It’s helpful to seek assistance from an experienced designer or design websites that can give you an idea of the look that you’re going for. Do your research before trying to throw together a design that could be really bad.

    Dawn’s Take

    A Green, sustainable element keeps the pieces you love out of the landfill.  These things are not mass produced today and provide an opportunity for small-scale businesses to capitalize.   Repurpose old, usable furniture in the home or garden for today’s decorating.