• Make every day a trip to the beach with these style tips

    Looking to mix up the style at your Midwestern home? In Petersburg, IL, and all over Central IL, people decorate their homes in traditional ways, but are branching out into other styles and design themes including beach coastal themes. Just because you don’t live near a beach, doesn’t mean you can’t feel like you’re at the beach, and we offer some design tips to help you incorporate this fresh, carefree and relaxing look into any room in your home. Use the following tips to redo your home, and make every day a trip to the beach!

    Coastal Color

    coastal beach color palette petersburg il

    One of the easiest ways to start building your own beach style in your home is to use coastal colors such as various tones of white and ocean hues of blue, green, aqua and other cool, vibrant colors. Imagine any tropical vacation that you’ve ever been on. What color is the ocean? What colors strike you as peaceful and carefree? These are the colors you’re looking to utilize in this style.

    Day-at-the-Beach Décor

    beach home decoar petersburg il

    However, building the style of your home isn’t just about the color of the walls. You must incorporate thoughtful, stylish décor to the look that you’re going for. When it comes to coastal design style, using reflective surfaces such as metal, mirrors or glass can mimic the effect of water, making you feel like you’re one step away from the ocean.

    Fresh Fabrics

    interior design petersburg il

    Also in style is the use of natural fabrics for furniture such as cotton or linens. Slip covers can provide this look for leather and other types of furniture. Using these warm, comfortable fabrics adds to the carefree feel that you want on vacation and you want for your coastal home style.

    Make it a Private Beach

    interior decoration petersburg il

    The best part about interior design is that you get to make it your own. You can take these coastal design elements and turn any room in your home into a beachy oasis that reminds you of relaxing vacations that help you reset.