• Using Modern Farmhouse in Your Central, IL Home

    When it comes to interior home design, one style that’s seemingly never out of style is the farmhouse style. However, new designers are employing the style in new and exciting ways that’s sure to keep this design style trendy for another hundred years. However, what is the new farmhouse, and how can you use it in your home? We’ll explore these questions and others below, helping you to figure out what aspects of the new farmhouse design are right for your home and what design elements are best left in the old farmhouse.

    modern farmhouse design

    What is new farmhouse design?

    New farmhouse design really isn’t much different from traditional farmhouse designs. They both involve the use of monochromatic colors and tones along with utilitarian design qualities that make the style appealing to people of all backgrounds. New farmhouse takes these design elements and reimagines them to fit a modern lifestyle and modern homes.

    farmhouse design furniture


    Harkening back to traditional farmhouse design, not much has changed in the way of furniture. It tends to be oversized and practical, speaking to the utility of the farmhouse. Use delicate accents and useful items of yesteryear such as throws, pillows and other décor that will stand out against the backdrop of the furniture and bring your design to life.

    color scheme in farmhouse design


    The color in the new farmhouse style is neutral black and white with metal features that, once again, speak to the utilitarian style that traditional farmhouses would be built around. However, the new farmhouse style allows for additional pops of color that keep the spirit of the style intact while updating it to help fit more modern and urban households.

    kitchen farmhouse design


    Farmhouse style has always utilized matte, chalk and satin finishes that provide a smooth look and feel for wooden furniture, cabinetry, counter surfaces, etc.

    How to use it in your home

    The best part of decorating is that you’re ultimately designing things to please your style preferences. With that in mind, don’t get caught up trying to design the perfect new farmhouse kitchen or farmhouse living room. To use this style successfully, take the design elements that please you and incorporate them into the current design of your home for a just a touch of farmhouse, staying in the spirit of tastefully updating this classic style!