• Reveal a rustic style and utilize country decor in the design of your home

    Sherman, IL is part of the greater Springfield, IL area, but it’s set apart from Springfield by about 20 mins, and like other rural communities in the area, smart decorators and interior designers are taking advantage of country décor and design choices that help them create cozy rustic retreats enjoyed by family and friends, alike. But what is rustic country style, and how can you incorporate this into your home. Read more below about rustic style, colors, furniture and more for details on how you can use country decor and style to set your home apart from the rest!

    country decor living room


    When incorporating this style into your home, it’s important to use materials that evoke visions of country living. Common materials used in this style including leather, animal hide, fur, wood, rusted metal and more. Designers are inspired by the strong country traditions of hunting, cooking and togetherness and comfort, and the materials that you choose should reflect that.

    country decor colors such as barn red


    The same way with colors, decorators should be thinking about common colors and patterns used in country decor for homes and kitchens. From barn house red to deer hide brown and rusted metallic finishes, use color to cultivate a cozy, down-home feel that all friends and families will be eager to enjoy.

    leather furniture in country decor


    Robust, leather furniture is a natural choice for this style, but any furniture can be made to fit with the right accents and colors to bring out the country feel that you’re striving for. Vintage furniture and accents can really help create that cozy, rustic feel.

    country decor accents and finishes

    Accents & Finishes

    Your accents and finishes are what will put the final touch on your rustic style and décor. From rusted metal and chipped paint to aged wood and matte finishes, there’s a lot of ways to use accents and finishes to create the homey feel that you’re going for.

    rustic living space in country decor

    Dawn’s Take on Rustic Décor

    Simple and impactful choices of rugged barn wood accents.  Furniture can be leather, hair on hide, cotton and linen.  Finishes of aged wood, chipped paint or natural stain in matte or chalk paint.  A rusted patina on metal features a weathered and aged character in décor.  Natural elements with accent color is a balance of warm and cool, barn reds, sunny yellow,  black, sky blues and emerald greens and multiple colors of brown, from oak, rust and chocolate.