• Create a relaxing home spa atmosphere in your home

    For people in the Rochester, IL area, and throughout Central IL, a new bathroom is high up on the list of priorities when they start thinking about home remodeling projects. This makes sense due to the fact that we spend so much time using the toilet, preparing ourselves and performing routine hygiene. With this in mind, many are focusing on creating new bathroom spaces that use pleasant, relaxing elements to create a space that helps you relax, recuperate and rejuvenate. Wondering how you can incorporate elements of spa design into your bathroom remodel? Read below for details about colors to paint, lighting to use and much more!

    home spa bathroom model

    Bathroom Modeling – Not “Re” Modeling

    The beauty of using spa elements to decorate your bathroom is that you don’t have to do a complete bathroom remodeling project.  In fact, you can use these elements to ‘model’ your bathroom instead, choosing to update things like color, aroma, and lighting over major improvements such as flooring, plumbing fixtures, etc. You don’t have to go all out on your bathroom project to get the results you desire, just logically incorporate the following elements into your home!

    home spa colors include neutral and subtle blues

    Spa Colors

    One of the easiest places that you can remodel your bathroom is by using calming colors that are easy on the eyes and pleasant, no matter the lighting. Popular color schemes include neutrals color and subtle blues and lavender, grays and other colors that can be considered ‘soft’ or ‘light.’

    home spa lighting

    Spa Lighting

    Another way you can bring the relaxation of a spa into your home is through the use of new lighting to set the mood. While it may be helpful to have brighter lights by the mirror for getting ready, use dimmer switches on other lights, task lighting and even candles (real or LED!) to provide softer, calmer lighting that will help you relax and rejuvenate after a long, trying day.

    home spa scents

    Spa Scents

    It wouldn’t truly be a spa without pleasant scents that provide calming effects. The use of aromatherapy can be pivotal in creating a relaxing atmosphere that you desire.  Whether you use a diffuser, bath products or something else, research essential oils, their properties and benefits to choosing the right scents for your lifestyle!

    home spa sounds help set the mood

    Spa Sounds

    Something else that may help you relax is soothing music or white noise. Place an iPhone dock or Bluetooth speaker somewhere in the room so you can play whatever it is that helps you calm down and get in your comfort zone!

    home spa decor to create a soothing environment

    Spa Décor

    The final step in making your new spa bathroom inviting is the décor. Finish the space with plush surfaces and seating that just make you want to sit down and take a load off. If you lack space, decorate with comfy mats that will please your feel or stash a yoga mat under the vanity so you can flow in the comfort of your new home spa!

    The relaxing home spa concept

    Dawn’s Take: The Relaxing Home Spa Concept

    This isn’t a bathroom makeover.  It’s more of attention to the atmosphere in the home, creating a habitat of relaxation.  Key characters to this style are a non-cluttered, seamless look;  a calming color palette of neutrals, subtle blues, and grays; attention to lighting by using dimmer switches, candles, and task lighting.  Aromatherapy is another element, as is white noise or soothing music.  Interior elements include plants, natural wood tables or surfaces that withstand watered plants, plush lounge pieces, down pillows and more from some TLC!