• High Design for Central IL: Today’s Top Furniture Designers

    November 5, 2019
  • Designer Spotlight

    furniture designers in springfield illinoisWhile we obsess about designers in fashion and other industries, they seem to be an unheralded part of the furniture industry. While not without recognition by any means, furniture designers are the afterthought to these beautiful creations that we enjoy in our homes. With this in mind, we’re going to take the time to shine a light on two designers that have become known for excellence in the industry. While they stress different design elements and utilize different styles, Christopher Guy Harrison and Richard Frinier are two of the furniture industry’s most important names.

    Christopher Guy Harrison

    Started As: Christopher Guy Harrison was born in Britain and raised in Spain and he got his start has a furniture designer when he formed the company Harrison & Gil, which operated out of a giant complex to meet the demand for his craftworkers.

    Known For: He’s most known for his luxury brand, Christopher Guy, which launched in 2005 and offered a diverse line of luxury furniture that blended styles and design elements from a multitude of international cultures.

    Today: Today, he continues to design for his luxury brand, Christopher Guy, and has partnered with a Noursion to create a new line of luxury area rugs.

    Richard Frinier

    Started As: Richard Frinier started as a freelance designer for Brown-Jordan, a leading designer and manufacturer of home furnishings, rising to the position of chief creative officer and lead designer. However, he decided to create his own consultancy in 2002, focusing his work on furnishings for luxury resorts and outdoor designs.

    Known For: He’s most known for his work following his time at Brown-Jordan as the mastermind of some of the day’s most popular design trends such as ‘the outdoor room’ or ‘resort-at-home.’

    Today: Richard remains one of the world’s premier designers.


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