Benefits of Reupholstered Furniture for Your Home

A person laying their hand on a variety of fabric colors for reupholstering a piece of furniture for their home in Petersburg, IL

Let’s face it, spending thousands of dollars on a brand-new living room or bedroom furniture set is just not a realistic option for many homeowners. Not only is furniture getting even more expensive every year, but it can be an overwhelming task when trying to find the perfect piece to fit your home. Thankfully, our design experts atThe Furniture Den in Petersburg, IL are here to help you think outside of the box when it comes to installing new furniture in your home. We’re talking about reupholstering of course! Turn your old furniture into truly unique statement pieces. Unsure about the process? Keep reading below to learn about the benefits of reupholstering your furniture.

Better Quality Pieces

If you are thinking of reupholstering your couch or sofa, we can bet that you have had that piece of furniture for quite some time. Whether the fabric is outdated and covered in stains or tears that cannot be repaired, our design team at The Furniture Den in Petersburg, IL is here to offer quality and affordable reupholstery services on your furniture pieces to give them an entirely new and modern look that fits your unique style. Not only this, but it restores the lifespan of your used furniture, significantly increasing the quality and durability that will last for years to come.

Green upholstered couch and pink sofa in a modern floral living room with green floral wallpaper and simple décor designs in Petersburg, IL.Design the Pattern & Style Yourself

One of the major benefits of having your furniture reupholstered is the freedom to choose the pattern and design of the fabric yourself! We can think of countless times customers have complained about loving the structure of a piece but hating the fabric attached to it. With reupholstery services from The Furniture Den in Petersburg, IL, you’ll never have to worry about settling for any piece that doesn’t truly speak to you and your home! Our staff will work with you to create the perfect furniture piece. What are you waiting for? Stop by our shop today!

Never Have to Compromise on Comfort

If one of the highlights of your day is to sit and relax on your living room couch, then you probably have an extremely comfortable seating area! However, with years of use, your couch looks like it has seen better days. Don’t let a worn upholstery design ruin the image of your home, call The Furniture Den in Petersburg, IL and have your couch or sofa reupholstered so that you never have to compromise on comfort. Stop in today, we have a variety of patterns and fabrics to choose from!

Man in a white t-shirt and jeans sitting on a newly upholstered couch and relaxing in his modern home in Petersburg, IL.Adds Value to the Piece

If you own an antique piece of furniture and are wanting to keep the original design, but the fabric is worn from years of use, reupholstering is the perfect option for you! Many antique furniture pieces can be worth a good sum if they are still in usable condition. By reupholstering an antique piece in the same design pattern as the original, you can add value to an already valuable piece!

What are you waiting for? Call The Furniture Den at (217) 753-1045 in Petersburg, IL today and our design center will help you choose the perfect upholstery design for your antique furniture piece.


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