• The Goings On at The Furniture Den

    Springfield Illinois: How to Collect & Clean the Artwork in Your Home

    If you’re an art enthusiast, there is nothing more exciting than finding a beautiful canvas to fit the dull and empty space on your wall! However, buying a quality piece of art does not just consist of centering

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    Rochester Illinois: The Top Furniture Designs for Function & Comfort

    It is no secret that choosing a piece of furniture that is both comfortable and functional is the dream of many homeowners. Thankfully, 2021 has brought us an even wider selection of multifunctional home furniture to

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    Pleasant Plains Illinois: Decorating with Plants: How to Create Green-Inspired Interior Designs

    The key to having a fresh, modern, and colorful interior design is not by spending thousands of dollars on new furniture but by adding indoor plants! Decorating your home with indoor plants is the perfect way to not

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