• The Goings On at The Furniture Den

    Gone Country in Sherman, IL: Incorporating rustic country décor into your home

    Reveal a rustic style and utilize country decor in the design of your home Sherman, IL is part of the greater Springfield, IL area, but it’s set apart from Springfield by about 20 mins, and like other rural

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    Not your father’s farmhouse: Modern Farmhouse Design in Central IL

    Using Modern Farmhouse in Your Central, IL Home When it comes to interior home design, one style that’s seemingly never out of style is the farmhouse style. However, new designers are employing the style in new and

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    How to mix coastal beach style into your Midwestern home in Petersburg, IL

    Make every day a trip to the beach with these style tips Looking to mix up the style at your Midwestern home? In Petersburg, IL, and all over Central IL, people decorate their homes in traditional ways, but are

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