• The Goings On at The Furniture Den

    Springfield, IL Décor Comparison: Modern v. Relaxed Modern Furniture

    Here are the basics about relaxed modern and modern furniture Another month and another design trend dissected by the people at The Furniture Den in the Springfield, IL area. This month we're going to take a look at

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    Wabi Sabi: Utilizing Japanese décor in your Riverton, IL home

    Harness the Spirit of Wabi-Sabi Design Principles in Your Home In this month’s post, we’re going to explore Wabi Sabi the design principles that developed in Japan and have infiltrated the hearts and minds of

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    How to easily create a relaxing environment for your home spa in Rochester, IL

    Create a relaxing home spa atmosphere in your home For people in the Rochester, IL area, and throughout Central IL, a new bathroom is high up on the list of priorities when they start thinking about home remodeling

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