• The Goings On at The Furniture Den

    Furniture Repair: what you need to know in Springfield, IL

    Common furniture repair jobs for longer-lasting décor When it comes to furniture, people tend to get attached to their favorite pieces. Years of movie time, Super Bowl parties and other great memories make it hard to

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    Springfield, IL bedroom decorating ideas for maximum warmth

    Check out these Springfield, IL Decorating Ideas We all know the feeling – the furnace is running full blast, but you aren’t getting warmer. On cold winter nights in Springfield, IL and throughout Central IL,

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    Ways Furniture Keeps you Warm in Petersburg IL

    Feel Warmer this Winter in Petersburg, IL Does the winter feel like the most horrible time of the year? Do you look forward to Spring as soon as the first freeze hits? For many, winter time is a dark and dreary, and

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