Decatur IL: Top 4 Benefits of Vehicle Fabric Restoration

Black faux leather car seat with a massive tear in the seat cover and needing fabric restoration services in Decatur, Illinois

While it may seem that our cars are supposed to last forever, accidents and everyday wear over time can damage the fabric in your seats and flooring. Whether your car’s interior is suffering from coffee spills, mud stains, or deep gashes in the fabric, The Furniture Den is here to help! While many fabric issues can be repaired for a reasonable price, oftentimes car owners wait months or even years before tending to fabric that is now far beyond repair. Thankfully, your Decatur, Illinois furniture store and design center are here for fabric restoration of your vehicles that will have your car feeling and looking brand new!

Call our store at (217) 753-1045 to schedule a time to meet with our expert upholstery team and determine your car fabric’s needs. Keep reading below to read about the top 4 benefits of vehicle fabric restoration!

Reasonably Priced

Believe it or not, having your vehicle’s seating and floorboards reupholstered is a lot cheaper than car owners may think. Upholstery itself is a tedious and labor-intensive skill, taking hours and often weeks of work for two seats, let alone an entire vehicle. While there is no way to give an estimated price as every car and material are vastly different, our experts at The Furniture Den guarantee the best vehicle upholstery prices in Decatur, Illinois.

Heavily worn vehicle fabric beyond repair and needing to be reupholstered in Decatur ILNot Always Able to Be Repaired

Many times, car owners visit us requesting repairs to be done on their vehicle’s ripped and deteriorating seat fabric. While we would love for it to always be that simple, oftentimes serious tears and loss of fabric are unable to be repaired, needing to be replaced with entirely new fabric. Don’t worry, if your car’s seats are unable to be repaired, we offer affordable and quality fabric restoration services at our shop in Decatur, Illinois. What are you waiting for? Contact the Furniture Den today and we’ll help you restore your car’s fabric interior!

Prevents Unnecessary Wear Over Time

Having your car seats reupholstered not only makes it look like a brand-new vehicle, but it helps prevent any wear and tear over time. Our fabric experts are trained and highly experienced in fixing damages as well as preventing them from happening in the future. We offer our customers a variety of durable and long-lasting fabrics to choose from that make sure the quality of your vehicle’s seats is never compromised. Call today to schedule a consultation and choose from our long list of fabrics and textures.

Person wear black gloves holding colored fabric swatches to a vehicle needing car fabric restoration services in Decatur, IllinoisEndless Customizable Options

One of the greatest benefits to reupholstering your vehicle is the endless customizable options we give our customers when choosing the perfect fabric. Are you tired of your nylon or suede seats and are desperately wanting a classic faux leather look? Choose from a variety of our leather colors, styles, and designs to perfectly match the exterior or create an entirely custom look that is unique to you! The average person spends hours a day in their vehicle; don’t spend it sitting on worn and uncomfortably damaged seats, contact the Furniture Den in Decatur, Illinois today!

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