Decatur, Illinois: How to Create the Perfect Office Space when Working from Home

Woman getting ready to work from home in a modern office with open shelving and a white desk in Decatur Illinois

Did you know that over 65% of individuals who work from home are more productive than those working in a traditional office space? The benefits of working from home are plentiful, there are very little distractions and noise, no commute, personal space, and comfy clothes all day! However, if your at-home office is dark, dull, and poorly furnished, it could have a massive impact on your work performance. Don’t settle for an old desk and a demotivating space, stop by The Furniture Den to upgrade your office with beautiful pieces from our home décor and furniture sections.


There’s nothing worse than trying to work in a room with black walls, a stained area rug, and an old desk that loos like it is about to collapse. It’s important to consider what atmosphere you are trying to achieve in your office before buying random pieces of décor that do not go well together. Think about choosing pastel colors to create a calming environment that is not overwhelmed with an abundance of different colors.

If you have a window in your office, open those blinds! Studies have shown that having a window to gaze out of occasionally while working prevets your eyes from straining. If your office does not have a window, the next step is perfect for you.

Modern office with wood paneling, light wood furniture, and plants in Decatur IllinoisTask Lighting

At The Furniture Den, we provide dozens of task lighting options that are perfect for your new at-home office. Task lighting is the act of increasing the amount of light in your workspace to achieve ultimate productivity. Not enough room on your desk for a table lamp? Get a beautiful floor lamp that not only adds character to your space but gives your windowless room a motivating glow.

Proper lighting in your workspace is essential to prevent your eyes from straining or becoming fatigued and makes you consider the layout of your room more carefully, as you’ll have to account for the location of the outlets.

Proper Seating & Furniture

Stop sitting at your dining room table when working from home! Without a dedicated workspace with proper seating and furniture, getting work done properly and efficiently is almost impossible. Individuals are looking for versatility and function in their office spaces, that’s why The Furniture Den offers quality seating and furniture that complements your style.

Worried about pen or pencil marks ruining the surface of your brand new desk? Invest in a protective surface to give you peace of mind when you’re on the job. We have everything from office chairs and storage to beautiful shelving units and accessories to match!

Young family with two young children playing in boxes in a modern home in Decatur, IllinoisDedicated Break Time            

While it may not seem like taking a break at home is necessary, having a dedicated break time to step away from work, whether it’s interacting with your family or resting for a short time, taking your mind off responsibilities is beneficial to your overall work performance. Set a scheduled break time, make a list of goals to complete by the end of the day, and take a moment to relax before finishing out your to-do list. You never know, a five-minute dance party can be just what you need to get back on track!

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