Décor Items for Your Home That Never Go Out of Style

Modern décor items that never go out of style found at a furniture and consignment shop in Petersburg, IL.

Keeping up with the latest trends can have you rethinking your interior design choices each time your home décor goes out of style. With The Furniture Den, located in Petersburg, IL, you can create a look that stays fashionable even when the times keep changing. Here are some ways that you can decorate your home without needing to worry about your style becoming outdated.

Neutral Colors

One way to create a timeless look is to incorporate more neutral colors, such as black, white and gray. Not only do these colors stay in style, but they incorporate well with other items that you may add to your space that fit in with the latest trends. Just make sure that you remain consistent with your primary color.

A collage of black and white photos found at a furniture and consignment store in Petersburg, IL that offers modern décor items.Photos

You can fill wall space with a photo gallery to preserve your memories and add some class to your home décor. Some great ideas for photos include using black or white picture frames and presenting black and white or monochrome pictures so that they blend in with the surrounding décor. Try not to overdo this though because having too many picture frames on the wall can make the space feel cluttered.

Full-Length Window Treatments

Full-length curtains provide depth to a room, making your space feel larger and taller. You can choose a more casual style if you’re looking to make the space feel warmer or select a more modern look. Alternatively, you can choose a timeless traditional style that’s sure to remain in style for the long term.

Glass Lighting Fixtures

If you don’t want to go to the expense of buying a crystal chandelier, you can find glass lighting fixtures that light up the room with warmth. There are modern and traditional styles available, so you can find something that suits your style and works with the rest of your redecorating plan.

Art and Mirrors

The Furniture Den can help you transform your art with custom frame designs that draw just enough attention. You can also use mirrors to bring more light into the room and add greater depth. This is especially useful in smaller areas that you want to appear larger.

A beautiful yellow chair and vintage blue desk found at a consignment store that will never go out of style in Petersburg, IL.Vintage Furniture

Having a vintage look never goes out of style, which is why reupholstry is a great way to restore your furniture and redecorate it in a single step. Our consignment shop in Petersburg, IL has a design center that allows you to turn your existing furniture into timeless classics. What’s even better is that you can create unique pieces that aren’t found anywhere else!

Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Style

The Furniture Den can help you recreate your home in a way that matches your unique sense of style. Contact us today to learn more about your options for reupholstering your furniture, creating custom home decorations and more. You can also stop into our shop in Petersburg, IL or give us a call at (217) 753-1045.

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