Essential Design Elements You Need in Your Home

A beautiful modern living room in Petersburg, IL with the design elements of a white fireplace and grey couch from a consignment shop with quality furniture.

If you’re like most modern homeowners in Petersburg, IL you want your home décor to reflect your unique taste and personality as well as provide a comfortable, relaxing place to spend time with family and friends. Although design concepts often seem elusive to those without formal training, there are a few core strategies that can provide any Petersburg, IL home with a cohesive, well pulled-together feel and appearance. The following are five essential design elements that should be in every home. 

Layered Lighting 

Layered lighting lets you instantly change the mood of any room to fit the occasion. Task lighting is excellent if you’re enjoying a few quiet moments in your living room reading a book, for instance, but you may want a different mood for cozy chats with friends or an evening with the family. 

Comfortable Seating

A comfortable couch and chair in a modern living room in Petersburg, IL that came from a consignment shop and adds to the design of a home.

Main seating areas should look as well as feel comfortable, relaxing, and inviting. Most people don’t replace their main furnishings, such as sofas and chairs, more than once every 10 years or so. Sticking with classic shapes, fabrics, and designs gives you more leeway when switching up lesser elements such as throw pillows and blankets. 

Ample Storage

Although storage isn’t glamourous, it’s a basic component of any living space that can make or break the big picture ambiance of any home. Ample, flexible storage options throughout the house keep design efforts from being sabotaged by the presence of too much clutter. 

Designated Dining Areas

Even small homes need at least one designated dining area — there’s no graceful way to create an appealing design space otherwise. It can be a nook or even a small corner with a table and chairs for those whose homes aren’t large enough to allow for formal dining rooms. 

Serene Sleeping Spaces

Many homeowners treat their bedrooms like afterthoughts because they’re the least visible parts of the house, but a well-designed home prioritizes the comfort of household occupants. Remember, homes are for living in rather than acting as public showcases. Bedrooms should be soothing, relaxing havens that provide personal sanctuaries. 

Personal Accents

Personal accents include family photos, personal artwork, furniture, and decorative objects with particular meaning for household residents. No matter how beautifully decorated, home atmospheres that lack personal accents always come off as cold and sterile places. The professionals at The Furniture Den can give you pointers on how to incorporate family photos, your child’s artwork, and other personal accents into the home environment without compromising the overall design scheme.

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