Fall-Inspired Furniture & Décor Ideas for Your Home All Year Round

Fall-inspired furniture and décor for your home all year round from a furniture store in Springfield, Illinois.

Fall has become a popular interior design theme in homes around the country. Fall gives a cozy and warm feeling that almost everyone admires. As soon as the leaves start to fall, the pumpkin spice lattes and plaid come out in full force. If you enjoy the feeling fall décor brings, then why not have a fall-inspired them in your home year-round? We have created a list of subtle fall-inspired furniture and décor ideas that you can use in your home year-round. Are you looking for a specific piece? You can call us today at (217) 753-1045.

Keep It Warm With Blankets

Blankets are a stable piece of décor in the 21st century, especially within the last 10 years. They add a nice cozy feel to your bedroom or living room. Everyone wants to feel comfortable and cozy whether it is their own home or if they are visiting friends or family. Whether you want the blankets to be functional or for décor only, they are the perfect addition to any home to add a warm fall-inspired look to your home. You can drape your throw blankets over your bed, couch, or chair. You can go for warm earth tones or even a plaid design to capture the fall-inspired look you are wanting.

Wood tray from a small furniture store in Springfield, IL that is used to add a fall look to home décor.Wood Accents

When we think of fall, we think of the outdoors. Nights around a bonfire or wood next to a fireplace. That is why wood furniture and wood décor is a great statement piece if you are wanting to create a fall-inspired interior design. Whether you want to go big with a statement wall with wood panels or want to add small wood décor here or there, the options are endless. Wood is a nice way to add earthy fall tones to your home as well as making space feel cozier. Wood home décor is a fun universal piece that can help you create the fall vibes you are looking for. Items such as wood trays, wood bookends, wood wall art, or wood shelving, are a great and subtle fall touch that you might be looking for.


Along with pumpkin spice, plaid has become one of the most popular stables of fall. If you are looking to create a fall-inspired interior design for your home year-round, adding plaid is a no-brainer. For the plaid to work year-round, we suggest using more mute plaid with tans, white, and black. That way your furniture and home décor will work even in the hottest seasons. By adding plaid pillows, throw blankets, or home décor you can create a cozy welcoming aesthetic to your home. Our team at The Furniture Den can help you pick furniture to go with plaid or can help you find plaid home décor that will work with your vision.

Mason Jars used for fall-inspired home décor along with fall style furniture from a furniture store in Springfield, Illinois.Use Mason Jars as Décor

For the DIY lovers out there, mason jars make the best DIY home décor to add a fall feel to your home. There are endless possibilities, but we recommend using mason jars for light fixtures, candle holders, indoor gardens, vases, or fill with fall items like acorns for a fall-inspired home. Mason jars fit into the warm cozy fall vibe that many people tend to adore. They are subtle enough to fit into any season and can be an affordable and fun idea to create a fall-inspired look to your home décor year-round.

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