How to Create a Farmhouse-Inspired Kitchen

Farmhouse-inspired kitchen in a residential home in Petersburg, IL with white cabinets, wooden stools, and simple appliances.


So, you’re wanting to design the perfect farmhouse-inspired kitchen for your home in Petersburg, IL? When it comes to creating a farmhouse design, there are a few key elements that every homeowner should have in mind. From the color of your cabinets to the texture of your décor pieces, there are specific design choices that are a must, and others that are a big no! You can trust The Furniture Den in Petersburg, IL to help you create the perfect farmhouse-inspired kitchen design with our beautiful and unique décor pieces. Keep reading below to learn more on how to create a farmhouse-inspired kitchen for your home!

Start with Common Colors & Materials

Before you start purchasing cabinetry, appliances, and hardware, start your kitchen’s farmhouse design by choosing common colors and materials associated with the look. Farmhouse kitchens usually feature a variety of materials including natural wood, marble, wire, glass, and even wrought iron. As far as color goes, you’ll want to stay as neutral and light as possible with colors like white, cream, beige, light grey, and textures such as cotton, canvas, wool, and chenille. Remember that the tone of a farmhouse kitchen is comfortable, clean, and simple, so try not to overdo it with décor!

Farmhouse-style kitchen for a residential home in Petersburg, IL with all white cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and wooden floors.White Cabinetry

When it comes to your cabinetry, white or light cream cabinets are the only way to go for a complete farmhouse look. White cabinets make your entire home feel bright and can even make your kitchen feel bigger than it is. To complement your cabinets, don’t forget to use simple and non-flashy hardware so as not to take away from the clean and modern farmhouse look. Paring your white kitchen with rustic antiques and décor will give your space the uniqueness that comes with your style. Shop for décor pieces at The Furniture Den in Petersburg, IL.

Farmhouse Sink

If you’re looking for a single element to represent a farmhouse-inspired kitchen design, farmhouse sinks are it! Even kitchens that are not technically considered to have a farmhouse look are investing in a large farmhouse sink to complement their granite countertops. Farmhouse sinks give you a maximum amount of space for cleaning and cooking, making it both a functional and stylish choice. We have the perfect décor to match your farmhouse sinks at The Furniture Den in Petersburg, IL. Stop in today for quality customer service!

Small farmhouse-style kitchen with white exposed shelving units and wooden countertops in Petersburg, IL.Try Open Shelving

If you’re wanting a truly farmhouse-inspired kitchen, open shelving is one of the most affordable and stylish ways to modernize your kitchen in Petersburg, IL. Having wooden open shelves allow for beautiful exposed plate racks and more organized dishware, that is not only aesthetically pleasing but easy to manage. Maybe homeowners choose white dishes to match their lower white cabinets, creating a truly unique farmhouse-inspired kitchen design.

Looking for quality kitchen décor for your newly designed kitchen? Stop by The Furniture Den and ask one of our associates for help, or call (217) 753-1045 to ask about our current inventory.

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