I Like It Like That

While the Home Industry Corporate Business is still looking globally during their re-structure through poor quarter profits, our Government mandated “shelter in place rules”, as some people weren’t home.   Those of us who are home are now looking at our local community.  What’s open?  What’s available?  What’s sustainable?  What Businesses have we lost?

The Upcoming Challenge:  The Furnishing Industry is projected to see higher production costs, higher operating transactions and restructure expenses as post COVID-19 sorts out the market place.

The Hot Trends Now:  The Home Goods Industry is finding success in the small appliance market, example Insta Pot and Air Fryer appliances.  Also retailers report uptick sales in personal health spa/therapeutic gadgets, monitoring wristwatches and digital fitness to home air and water filtering systems all promoting self care routinely.

I take note of the “Hot Trends Now”, in my opinion; it’s about two simple things people seek right now:  Convenience and Comforts…..it seems the people declare “I like it like that” and we need that TLC at home.

What is The Furniture Den doing?  First, we are all about comfort, making furniture comfortable.  Second, we’ve promoted reuse, refurbish and redesign for over 30 years in the upholstery business.  Third, we are customizing upholstered items…we make the feel and the style, for you to say “I like it like that” be it in your car, your home, motor home, camper or boat.  We operate Central Illinois and have worked a distance with clients from Chicago area to St. Louis.  Helping people create their best of comforts to relax and recoup; it’s why we call it home.

Thank you for keeping us in business during this unprecedented troubling time.  It’s good to know the work and service we provide is important to you.

Here’s a meme I created with The Three Stooges, because if anyone of those guys gave me flowers, I know how troublesome they are, it’d be right to be suspicious of them.  During the shelter in place, it gave Gary a chance to do a little upholstery for me and I had this ratty chair for 15 years.  I could see past the ugly, I knew it’d be a little gem and fits me perfect.  That’s how the meme came forward….Hope it brings a smile, and that little chair is probably dated back to The Three Stooges time frame, as old Hollywood back then.  And it’s done, Gary re-designed it, but I picked the fabrics and I like it like that!


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