Petersburg Illinois: Should You Follow Current Interior Design Trends?

Person holding images of home renovation blueprints with flooring sample pieces next to a computer and watercolor paints in Petersburg, IL.

When it comes to transforming your living space there are many decisions to be made regarding everything from furniture placement to décor and the overall themes that best represent you and your family. If you are unsure of where to start in your design, many homeowners take to the internet to research what interior design trends are popular and which have faded out. At The Furniture Den, we have a variety of modern, vintage, and custom furniture and décor pieces that will perfectly match any design in your home. Are you still wondering if you should follow the current trends in interior design? Keep reading below to see if these trends match your unique style!


One of the main interior design trends that professional designers and the average homeowner are gravitating towards is called Minimalism. This design trend is inspired by creating a warm and welcoming environment, without typical clutter associated with warm spaces or over-accessorizing. Minimalism is not just white walls, a little color, and a lack of furniture, instead, it brings light to every piece in the room, because each one is chosen for a specific space and purpose. If you are looking for a clutter-less design for your home with warm colors, natural lighting, light wood floors, polished surfaces, and simple décor, minimalism is the way to go.

Modern organic bedroom space with light wood floors, a fireplace, light-colored décor, and wicker accessories that give off an organic look in Petersburg, IL.Organic

With many people being stuck inside due to the pandemic, homeowners are now more than ever looking for ways to relax their environment. An organic interior design incorporates woven styled furniture such as wicker blanket chests, picnic-looking baskets, and rugs along with simple yet elegant accessories like blankets draped on white beds and abstract black and white paintings. If your home has become both your workspace and daycare, an organic interior design is a perfect choice for creating a relaxing haven. Visit The Furniture Den in Petersburg, IL for quality organic furniture and décor pieces.

Elevated Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor spaces are becoming more popular than ever as families throughout Petersburg, IL is finding new ways to get out of the house. If your outdoor space needs some TLC, we’ve got you covered! One of the biggest trends right now are elevated outdoor spaces. Instead of buying a picnic table and a few rocking chairs, homeowners are going above and beyond when creating the perfect outdoor space for their family to enjoy all year long. Elevate your outdoor space by buying waterproof furniture, a fire pit, install a brick oven for pizza nights, or even build a pergola. At The Furniture Den, we have a variety of outdoor furniture that is perfect for any space and style.

Modern living room with light wood floors, cement walls, an orange mid-century modern couch, and multiple plants in Petersburg, IL.Bringing the Outdoors In

Instead of creating a beautiful outdoor space, bring the outdoors in! Plant décor has become of the most common design options for homes of pretty much any style. Do you have a space in the corner of your living room? Fill it with a beautifully potted indoor plant! Looking for a small accessory to add to your bookshelf or kitchen countertop? Tiny succulents are the perfect choice for any environment. Plants are the easiest and cheapest way to bring life to your space no matter how big or small! Call The Furniture Den today at (217) 753-1045 or contact us on our website to ask about our outdoor to indoor décor options.

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