Satin vs. Eggshell Paint: Which Is Better for Your Living Room

Blue eggshell painted living room wall with blue upholstered furniture & wooden décor designs in Petersburg, IL.

If you’re planning on painting your living room, there are two major finishes that a majority of homeowners choose from – satin and eggshell. While both are really popular choices, it can sometimes be hard to tell which one is best depending on the color and location where the paint will be applied. Whether you’re looking for a glossy finish or a muted tone paint, it’s important to look at the benefits of each finish before making a final decision. In this blog, our experts at The Furniture Den in Petersburg, IL break down the pros and cons of stain and eggshell finishes, helping you to decide which one will work better for your living room design.

Finishing Designs

If you’re looking for a more distinct and glossy finish on your living room walls, satin is the way to go. Satin paint finishes are more reflective, producing a shine that is consistent in satin fabrics. This shine often adds depth to space, making living spaces appear bigger. Eggshell finishes, however, are more solid and not as easily altered by increased sunlight, having little influence on the perception of depth in your living room. Eggshell paint is often recommended for spaces that are larger and more open. So, when thinking about the depth and overall look of your living room in Petersburg, IL, you’ll need to decide on the level of shine or gloss you are wanting.

Child in a grey t-shirt and blue polka dot skirt drawing on a white painted satin or eggshell living room wall in Petersburg, IL.Durability

If you’re still undecided on the look of both a satin and eggshell finish, the durability of either paint may decide for you. Generally, satin paint finishes are more resistant to scuffs, scratches, and dents due to the solution being created with less pigment and more binding chemicals. Eggshell paint however has fewer binding agents and can become damaged easier, especially in high-traffic areas. If you’re looking for durable paint for your living room in Petersburg, IL, satin is a good choice. Our experts at The Furniture Den are here to help you choose quality furniture and décor options to match your eggshell and stain paint colors.


While every paint finish can vary in price depending on the color, brand, and quantity of paint, you can almost always expect your eggshell finishes to be less in price than satin finishes. This is what makes homeowners hesitate when deciding on a finish for their living space in Petersburg, IL. While eggshell is a more affordable option, satin can be perceived as being the more quality of choices between the two. If cost is not an area of concern for you, base your judgment solely on the look of your paint. If you are renovating on a budget, eggshell paint may be the perfect option for your wall surface.

Woman in a white tank top and jean shorts using a rolling brush to paint a blush shade of satin or eggshell paint on her living room wall in Petersburg, IL.Application  

Believe it or not, when painting your living room, the application process is important when deciding on a paint finish. When applying satin paints to your walls, it’s important to slowly coat the surface with a large roller brush to ensure an even coat. Oftentimes satin finishes display mistakes or imperfections due to the glossiness of the finish, while eggshell finishes will minimize any application errors and require fewer touchups. At The Furniture Den in Petersburg, IL, we have a variety of décor and furniture pieces to compliment your freshly painted living room walls. Stop by to view our inventory today!

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