Petersburg Illinois: Chic Design Ideas: Creating an Interior Design from Antique Décor

Chic and vintage living room with an orange couch, black concrete walls, and floor to ceiling windows with vintage décor in Petersburg, IL.

Are you looking for the perfect interior design to match your love for both traditional and vintage décor pieces? Look no further! Petersburg, IL homeowners in 2021 have already started finding new ways to decorate their homes, and surprisingly, a lot of them are turning to the past for inspiration! Vintage and antique interior designs have been around for hundreds of years, each decade finding love in past relics that remind them of a feeling, emotion or just history in general. So it’s no surprise that even in 2021, homeowners are collecting pieces of vintage and antique décor to decorate their home. If you’re one of those people and are having trouble making each one of your pieces work in your design, keep reading and we’ll give you tips on how to create the perfect vintage-chic design.

Antique & Vintage Furniture

Shop for antique furniture at thrift shops and local furniture stores for timeless pieces to include in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. The first step in creating a space that is perfectly balanced between a modern and vintage-chic design is by choosing large pieces of furniture to work your décor and accessories around. Choosing a piece like a long clawfoot table or a leather cracked chest is the perfect addition to any antique design! Visit The Furniture Den in Petersburg, IL for a wide variety of vintage furniture pieces.

White and grey fading wallpaper design in a residential home with a blue chair and small vintage white desk in Petersburg, IL.Whitewashed Surfaces

Whitewashed surfaces, cracked wall paint, faded wallpaper and even scratched wooden plank flooring at the perfect surfaces to include if you are wanting to achieve a vintage-chic design in your Petersburg, IL home. You may be thinking, why would anyone want to have chipped paint and scratched flooring in their home? In 2021, distressed looks are extremely trendy. Not only do they turn a single space into an informal and relaxing environment, but these designs are easy to achieve with older homes that already have these perfect imperfections, or with a simple sandpaper tool.

Romantic Décor Patterns

Even though you’re trying to achieve the perfectly distressed yet modern look of a vintage-chic design, the décor in these spaces is in fact, extremely romantic. The romantic age was filled with beautiful floral designs, tender textile patterns, and simple vases with long vines and flowers that immediately fill a room. Floral patterns are essential when it comes to turning your home into a chic vintage getaway! Try getting unique décor pieces detailed with floral designs to accentuate a solid color couch or make it a focal piece by including a soft patterned rug. The Furniture Den in Petersburg, IL offers a variety of romantic and vintage décor pieces to compliment any design space.

Pink, white, and cream-colored chic, and vintage bedroom with a white chandelier in a luxury residential home in Petersburg, ILAdd Some Luxury

Before you finish your design, don’t forget to add some luxury to your space! Everything from a glass chandelier to beaded lampshades is the perfect touch to make your vintage yet modern design extremely chic. These small luxury pieces make your room feel soft, inviting, and feminine, giving it the drama it needs to be stunning yet simple. If you need one last luxury piece for your interior design, visit The Furniture Den in Petersburg, IL for a variety of décor and furniture pieces to choose from. Contact us through our website or call at (217) 753-1045 today!

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