Petersburg Illinois: How to Collect & Clean the Artwork in Your Home

Mother in a white t-shirt and jeans hanging a white, blue, and green mountain canvas with daughter standing on the couch in Petersburg, IL.

If you’re an art enthusiast, there is nothing more exciting than finding a beautiful canvas to fit the dull and empty space on your wall! However, buying a quality piece of art does not just consist of centering and hanging the painting, only leaving it untouched for years to come. Quality artwork, like any other valuable, is meant to be regularly cleaned and maintained to keep the canvas from dulling or becoming damaged over time. If you’re looking for simple ways to keep your precious artwork in pristine condition, keep reading below for tips from our professionals at The Furniture Den in Petersburg.

Handle Canvases with Care

Whether you’re moving artwork from your current home to your new home in Petersburg, IL, or are looking to get a few pieces to add to your collection, you must handle each piece with care. When transporting the artwork, always lay the frame flat on the backside and cover them with a cloth material to protect from the weather or harsh travels. When it comes to keeping your painting clean, use a light feather duster to remove any surface grime or dust that may accrue over time, and use a non-chemical cleaning solution to remove any blemishes. Our store offers a variety of furniture & décor pieces for your home, visit us today & we’ll help you pick unique pieces to fit your design.

Person in a long sleeve blue shirt choosing a decorative black frame for a blue, white, and black painting for their home in Petersburg, IL.Choose the Proper Frame

Believe it or not, choosing the frame for your artwork is an important step in the décor process. While the overall style of your frame is simply an aesthetic preference, certain materials and sizing are important to get right. You should never have to fold or cut your artwork down to fit in your frame, if that is the case, your frame needs to be a larger size. For materials, make sure to choose a frame that is sturdy, well made, and does not have any gaps when joining in the corners. Get quality frames from your local furniture and décor shop, The Furniture Den, in Petersburg, IL!

Keep Your Artwork Away from Direct Sunlight

When choosing the perfect spot for your artwork, make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight or in a space that has a lot of natural light. While your painting may be perfect directly adjacent to your floor-to-ceiling windows, too much sunlight can fade or even crack your paintings over time, even if they have a protective layer of varnish. At The Furniture Den, we have a wide array of painting designs to fit every room in your home, stop by today to pick the perfect piece for your home design!

Woman in a white t-shirt and glasses hanging a large artwork frame in her living room in Petersburg, IL.Keep Away from High Traffic Areas 

Always keep your most important paintings and artwork away from the highest traffic areas of your home. You don’t want to have your favorite piece hanging in your dining room, only to find months later a small layer of grime and food particles that bore its way into the canvas. We recommend placing your artwork in areas where it cannot be knocked over, punctured, or exposed to toddlers or pets. At The Furniture Den in Petersburg, IL we have a variety of gorgeous artwork and paintings to choose from. Stop in today to view our selection!

For more information on the types of furniture and décor we carry, call our shop at (217) 753-1045 or contact us through our website!

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