The Best Décor Items to Fill Empty Spaces in Your Bedroom

Does your bedroom have a lot of empty space? While you may want to add depth to your space, leaving it open makes it feel cold and uninteresting. The Furniture Den in Petersburg, IL can help with custom furniture and interior design elements that bring your room to life. Here are some ways that you can fill your bedroom. 

Extended Headboard 

One way to draw the eye away from an empty corner in the bedroom is to extend the space behind your bed. You can use an extended headboard or wall treatment to fill the space and create an accent wall in just one step. Some extended headboards or treatments reach from wall to wall and make your bed look like an extension of the wall itself. 

Nightstands or Bedside Tables 

New wooden nightstands from a local furniture store next to a wooden headboard in a residential bedroom in Petersburg, IL.

Bedside tables are an essential part of bedroom décor because they fill in the space on both sides of the bed while providing room to organize your things. Keeping your possessions tucked away in the drawers reduces clutter and helps you create a home for everything. This saves you from needing to search the house for something you misplaced as long as you always return it to its place. 

Wall Art and Accent Pieces 

A well-placed piece of artwork or accent piece can add depth or warmth or tone down bright colors so they’re not too distracting. The Furniture Den can help you take your wall art and accent pieces to the next level with custom frames, vases, lamps, and more. 

Vanity Table with Stool or Chair 

A vanity table fills space, and the mirror can disperse light throughout the room to add depth. A custom reupholstered chair or stool from our shop in Petersburg, IL can add the final touch to give you a piece that’s truly yours.  


One of the best ways to add light to your room is with mirrors, and if your bedroom isn’t that large, the depth they add makes the space look taller and more expansive. If you have an empty corner that you need to fill, you can place a full-length mirror to add light and use when you’re getting ready to go out into the world each morning.  

Armchairs and Stools 

A gray armchair in a residential bedroom in Petersburg, IL, with a pink blanket and white pillow used for modern design.

Filling a corner with a chair helps your bedroom feel less spacious and gives you a place to enjoy a good book or listen to some music while relaxing. Redecorating with reupholstered furniture can provide you with whatever interior design elements you’re missing because you can create something out of whatever material and color palette you prefer. Pair this with a floor lamp, and you’ve got a nice place to settle before retiring for the evening.  

Find Out More 

The Furniture Den has everything you need to turn your existing furniture and wall art into something extraordinary for your bedroom. Contact us today to learn more, or stop by our store in Petersburg, IL or call us at 217.753.1045

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