• The Goings On at The Furniture Den

    Satin vs. Eggshell Paint: Which Is Better for Your Living Room

    If you’re planning on painting your living room, there are two major finishes that a majority of homeowners choose from – satin and eggshell. While both are really popular choices, it can sometimes be hard to

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    Benefits of Reupholstered Furniture for Your Home

    Let’s face it, spending thousands of dollars on a brand-new living room or bedroom furniture set is just not a realistic option for many homeowners. Not only is furniture getting even more expensive every year, but

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    How to Create a Farmhouse-Inspired Kitchen

      So, you’re wanting to design the perfect farmhouse-inspired kitchen for your home in Springfield, IL? When it comes to creating a farmhouse design, there are a few key elements that every homeowner should

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