How to Easily Transform the Look of Your Living Room

If you’re like most homeowners, your living room has evolved over the years into a comfortable environment that suits you and your family very well. However, you may also feel as if you’re in a bit of a design rut but aren’t sure how to achieve a fresh new look. Here’s what you need to know about how The Furniture Den can help Petersburg residents transform their living rooms

Add Seasonal Design Elements

A grey reupholstered couch with fall and autumn décors such as checkered pillows and a chunky yellow blanket found at a furniture store in Petersburg, IL.

Seasonal design elements provide an excellent way to experiment with color and texture without making a permanent commitment. Examples include seasonal slipcovers, pillows, and incidental décor items that can be easily stashed and swapped out when the seasons change. For instance, Petersburg residents may wish to welcome spring into their homes with soft floral prints and colors, celebrate summer with vibrant jewel tones and textures, mark the start of autumn with warm, rich notes, and dial up the cozy ambiance when

Bring in Fresh Décor

New wall hangings, prints, and paintings have the power to transform any living room completely. The Furniture Den has a wide variety of wall art in various styles designed to complement different decorating schemes and accent pieces such as lamps and ottomans. You’ll also find a quality selection of finely crafted pottery to balance the big picture. 

Invest in a Statement Piece

A quality statement piece sets the tone for the rest of the home décor and provides a focal point for the living room. Statement pieces are meant to draw the eye to them and can be anything from an antique sideboard, a luxurious couch, a stunning wall mirror, or a beautiful oil painting. Scale is an essential concept in successfully using a statement piece. The items need to be large and aesthetically pleasing to draw the eye naturally, but they shouldn’t completely overwhelm the other elements in the room. 

Have your Couch and Chairs Reupholstered

A professional reupholstering a living room couch for a residential home in Petersburg, IL.

Homeowners are often reluctant to discard their existing furniture for new counterparts for various reasons. Sometimes, they like how the living room furniture they already have fits into their living space, or their furniture may be so comfortable that they feel reluctant to break in new furniture. If this describes your situation, but you nonetheless want a change, consider a re-upholstery service. As a custom upholstery service in Petersburg, The Furniture Den is the furniture shop Petersburg residents most often seek when wanting to upgrade their living room décor with reupholstered furniture. 

Contact The Furniture Den for More Information 

The Furniture Den is committed to helping residents of Petersburg and surrounding communities achieve their interior design goals. Please contact us through our convenient online form or call us at 217.753.1045 for more information on creating the home interior of your dreams. 

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