• The Goings On at The Furniture Den

    8 furniture-related tips for a successful Thanksgiving feast

    Pay attention to these Thanksgiving tips These eight tidbits will help you keep your home clean and your mind sane throughout what’s sure to be an overall stressful day. With the Thanksgiving just around the

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    The benefits of shopping at a Springfield, IL consignment shop

    Here’s what you’ll gain when you shop consignment At the Furniture Den, we’re proud to announce the opening of a new shop – The Frugal Design Consignment Shop. This idea was born out of a need for our

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    Now Open: The Frugal Design Consignment Shop

    Now Open: The Frugal Design Consignment Shop Visit The Frugal Design Consignment Shop in Springfield, IL Located at 2631 Ridge Ave. Springfield, IL 62702 Redecorating your home? Always trying to get the most style

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