Top 4 Pieces of Furniture to Have in Your Living Room

A modern living room with brand new furniture and a coffee table in Petersburg, IL. Our consignment shop offers a wide variety of furniture pieces to choose from.

There’s an endless number of ways that you can decorate your living room, but before you begin, you need to consider the most important elements of any design plan. The Furniture Den has helped countless people in the Petersburg, IL area find the perfect interior design plan. Here are the top four items to consider when you’re decorating your living room.  

New Couch and Recliner 

An aerial view of a living room set up at a furniture store in Petersburg, IL with a coffee table and wall art.

Your couch is what draws the most attention to the room visually, so it should be the first thing that you pick out when planning your interior design. Everything else should complement your couch, including a recliner. The couch provides comfortable group seating while the recliner allows you to take a load off your feet after a long day. You can usually find a furniture set that includes a couch, loveseat, and recliner in one package. 

Coffee and Side Table Furniture 

You need to have a place for people to set their drinks and other items while they’re visiting, which is why you should include a coffee table or side tables in your living room décor. If you pick a side table with drawers, it adds utility and keeps the room organized while something like an ottoman can add a bit of flair to your style.  

This is where reupholstered furniture allows you to make the look your own, as you have many materials and color trims to choose from. Give us a call or stop at our Petersburg, IL area store to learn more about your options


Whether you’re looking for contrast or to tone down the other colors in your space, a rug can bring everything together when properly placed. The ideal spot for your rug is beneath a coffee table so that it provides a nice accent without drawing too much attention. The Furniture Den can help you pair a rug with the rest of your décor so that you can find one that fits in perfectly with the rest of your furniture.  

Paintings and Wall Art 

Unique artwork of trees and vases on décor items for your home in Petersburg, IL. We offer a wide range of furniture pieces at our consignment shop.

An empty wall can be a distraction and it makes the space feel like something’s missing. You can make the living room feel more inviting by putting up framed photos of your family or looking for art pieces that fit in with the colors of your couch, rug, or coffee table. The possibilities are endless, so you can make your living room your own with what you choose to hand on the walls.  

Consider Reupholstery Over New Furniture 

The Furniture Den can help you improve your home décor without needing to replace your existing furniture. If you’re satisfied with your existing couch and recliner, you can have it reupholstered to match a new interior design plan. If you live in the Petersburg, IL area, contact us today or give us a call at 217.753.1045 to learn more. 

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