Pleasant Plains Illinois: Decorating with Plants: How to Create Green-Inspired Interior Designs

Residential home in Pleasant Plains, IL with a white window ledge and multiple potted plants set out as décor pieces.

The key to having a fresh, modern, and colorful interior design is not by spending thousands of dollars on new furniture but by adding indoor plants! Decorating your home with indoor plants is the perfect way to not only give any space a calm and relaxing atmosphere, but it gives your statement pieces a chance to stand out while making the entire room feel complete. Whether you need something small to bring your bookshelf to life, or a large corner piece to fill in extra space, indoor plants are the perfect solution for any style or design. At The Furniture Den, we have a variety of plant décor pieces to compliment every room in your home. Keep reading to learn more on how to create a green-inspired interior design!

Fill Out Your Empty Corners

Do you have a noticeable space in the color of your living room or bedroom? Don’t try to cover it up with a piece of clunky furniture or décor piece that doesn’t match your design, try a floor plant instead! If the space is wide, choose a plant that is tall with long and broadleaves such as a fiddle leaf fig or a fishtail palm to take up as much space and possible. If the corner of your room is narrow, stick to a tall and skinny plant like the African fig or Madagascar dragon tree to accentuate the height of the space.

Modern minimalistic home office with a light wood desk, white cabinet, white lamp, laptop, and ceiling hanging plant in Pleasant Plains, IL.Hang Them from the Ceiling

If you have all of your living room and bedroom space filled on the ground, try hanging your plants from the ceiling! This is an especially good way to brighten up a space that is small and limited in its design capabilities. Don’t sacrifice the last inch of space you need for an essential piece of furniture, use the ceiling in the corner of your room, above your bed, or next to a window to hand your indoor plants and add life to your space.

Display as A Centerpiece

If your room is in desperate need of a centerpiece on your dining or living room table, an indoor plant is a perfect way to complete the look! If you are looking for a living room centerpiece, try picking a plant that has large, blooming leaves. This will not only help take up any extra space needing to be filled but will also make the room appear large. For a bedroom or dining room, choose a plant that has blossoming flowers; this creates a relaxing ambiance that makes you and your guests feel welcome. At The Furniture Den in Petersburg, IL we have a variety of plant centerpieces and furniture to satisfy every customer’s unique style!

Modern living room with white flooring, a black and white rug, and plants scattered throughout the living room space and hanging on walls in Pleasant Plains, ILUse as An Accent Piece on Your Walls

If you’re looking to incorporate a large variety of indoor plants in your interior design, try creating a plant wall! Plant walls are perfect for taking up large empty spaces on your living room or bedroom walls, giving the room a fresh, clean, and inviting aesthetic that could not be achieved with artwork and décor pieces. If you need a custom shelving unit to create your plant wall, contact The Furniture Den in Petersburg, IL. Our design center uses real wood in our interior designs to create a unique and unforgettable look!

Call our shop at (217) 753-1045 or contact us through our website for more information on decorating with plants!

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