Top Furniture Shapes, Fabrics, & Material Trends in 2021

Home decorated with furniture from a small business furniture store in Springfield, Illinois

Much like clothing fashion trends, home décor trends also change every year. What was on-trend last year is probably old news today. Everything from colors, furniture styles, textiles, aesthetics, and more can change in popularity within a year. If you have a love for trendy home décor but are having trouble keeping up with the current trends, then don’t worry. Our team at The Furniture Den is always on deck ready to help you pick out the most trendy pieces of furniture. Call us today at (217) 753-1045 to learn more and continue reading to learn about the top trends of 2021!

Rounded Shapes

Squares are out and circles are in! A trendy furniture design from the ʼ70s is resurfacing with round-shaped furniture. The smooth round shapes add a unique touch to your space by adding a vintage feel. There are endless ways to add round shapes to your home. Round tables, round wall décor, round chairs or couches, or even round accent pieces can add an elegant, vintage feel to your home. The Furniture Den has everything you need to add more round shapes to your space for a more trendy home.

Simple Home Décor inside a cozy grey room in Springfield, IllinoisSoft Fabric Headboards

Who doesn’t love a nice cozy bed? In 2021 soft fabric headboards became a top trend in home décor with the soft cozy feel it brings into a bedroom. With everyone spending more time at home in the last year, it makes sense why a soft fabric headboard has become a statement piece in most people’s bedrooms. Our beds are the one place we seak most of our comfort after a long and stressful day, so why not have the ultimate comfort bed by adding a soft fabric headboard? At The Furniture Den, we can find the perfect soft fabric headboard for you!


Rustic home décor is another fan favorite of 2021 when it comes to furniture. Metals like gold, brass, and blackened bronze, in particular, add a classic and rustic look to your home. Whether it’s a part of your furniture or it’s an accent piece, metals can add a wonderful touch to any home. A great trend with mental furniture is paring the metal with an aged piece of wood to create a coffee table, chair, or even a bed. Are you wanting to add mental to your home décor? Contact us today to learn how we can help you find what you need!

2021 trendy wood table from a small business furniture shop in Springfield ILNatural Material

Along with metals, natural material like wood is another popular material trend of 2021. Sometimes paired with metal, ceramics, concrete, or even featured alone, natural materials like wood are becoming a great statement piece for homes across the country. As a part of the rustic aesthetic, wood can be a great addition to your home décor through wood tables, chairs, and bed frames. Are you wanting to follow the latest trend by adding wood to your home? Our team can help you find the perfect furniture and décor for you!

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