Popular Vintage Décor Trends Making a Comeback

Popular vintage wicker bed and wicker nightstands from a small furniture store in Springfield, IL.)

Vintage trends are making a comeback when it comes to decorating our homes. Staples such as wicker furniture, wallpaper, pastel colors, and geometric shapes are becoming popular home décor choices. There are many vintage styles to incorporate into your home, from a green earthy vibe to a 50’s pastel kitchen theme. At The Furniture Den, we have created a list of popular vintage décor trends that are making a comeback for those looking to redecorate their homes. We offer a wide range of vintage furniture and home décor at our location. You can contact us today at (217) 753-1045 to learn how we can meet your furniture needs.

Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture has been around since the early 1600s and was a staple piece of furniture from the Victorian era until the 1930s. With a few revivals in the ʼ60s and ʼ70s, wicker furniture is making another comeback to create an earthy boho style to homes. Today, wicker furniture is usually complemented with light white fabrics or muted earth tones. You can usually find a few plants nearby. Wicker furniture is usually used as a statement piece rather than a matched set. Are you looking to add wicker furniture to your home? The Furniture Den has just what you are looking for!

Popular vintage wallpaper with vintage style furniture from a small furniture store in Springfield, Illinois.Wallpaper

When we think of wallpaper we usually imagine the floral wallpaper that was very popular in our grandparent’s homes. Now, wallpaper is making a comeback with a fresh and modern twist. You can find metallics, botanicals, geometric, and more when it comes to modern wallpaper. Most wallpapers now have an easier application and removing process as well making it an easy and fun way to spruce up your home. Wallpaper makes a great statement wall to add a nice finishing touch to your home décor. When it comes to furniture, Bold solid color furniture works great with printed wallpaper.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are a fun way to decorate your home whether that is in furniture, wallpaper, or décor. Since the Ancient Greeks, bold geometric patterns have been a part of architectural and interior design. During the 1900s they made a comeback and once again made another comeback in the ʼ20s. It is popular to find furniture such as coffee tables, nightstands, and even bookshelves in fun geometric shapes. At The Furniture Den, we have a great selection of furniture and home décor that consist of geometric patterns that can add a fun vintage look to your home.

Popular pastel-colored kitchen. Pastel kitchen table chairs from a small furniture store in Springfield, Illinois.Pastels

Pastels were found in the kitchen of homes in the ʼ50s, were popular in the ʼ80s, and now they are making another comeback in interior design. Nice pastel colors for your walls, furniture, or home décor can add a light and fun aesthetic to your home. Whether you want to add a ʼ50’s vibe to your home or want to add a more modern but colorful touch to your home, pastels are a great choice. Pastel couches, Pastel kitchen chairs, or Pastel coffee tables, our team at The Furniture Den can help you find the best pieces for what you have imagined.

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