Why You Should Have Your Couch Reupholstered

A professional reupholstering a couch for a residential client in Petersburg, IL that wanted to redesign their furniture.

Are you debating the purchase of a new couch but don’t know whether it’s worth the expense? The Furniture Den in Petersburg, IL can save you money on your interior design project by helping you turn your existing couch into a completely restored and redesigned piece of furniture. Here are some of the reasons reupholstery might be right for you. 

Restores Your Couch to Its Original Condition 

People sometimes consider new furniture because their existing couch and chairs have lost their luster due to wear and use over the years. The furniture may be perfectly suitable if it looked like it did when it first arrived. A couch restoration saves you money because the couch will look brand new and feel just as comfortable without the expense of buying something brand new. 

A couple rearranging their reupholstered yellow couch in their living room in Petersburg, IL.

It Allows You to Redesign Your Furniture 

If you have unique ideas in mind for your home décor, reupholstered furniture allows your imagination to run wild. Our design center in Petersburg, IL allows you to experiment with different styles, colors, and materials to find the look and feel you just can’t find if you bought a new sofa and recliner set. If you’ve already changed other interior design elements, this also allows you to create something that fits in with your other additions.  

Newer Furniture May Not Have the Same Quality 

Older furniture is made of sturdier materials than some of the newer stuff, so you might actually want to perform whatever minor couch repair you need to keep that couch around. It might last a lot longer than couches that are made of flimsier materials or by manufacturers that have cut corners during production. The Furniture Den may be able to help if your couch is still able to be repaired. 


Sometimes there’s no other reason for keeping your couch around other than that it holds personal value. It could be an antique, represent memories that you want to hold onto, or once have belonged to someone special in your life. If this is the case, rather than throwing it away or hiding it somewhere, reupholstery allows you to bring it back to life and incorporate it into your space. 

A vintage change being painted and reupholstered to increase its value for a customer in Petersburg, IL.


Reupholstered furniture can last between 15 – 20 years after its restoration, which is just as long as new furniture lasts these days. Since the cost of reupholstering it is significantly lower than replacing it; you save a lot of money with this option. We can help you add resale value to your couch as well so that if you ever do choose to move on, you can get more out of it when you sell. 

Learn More at The Furniture Den in Petersburg, IL 

We are experts in interior design and furniture restoration. If you’re considering a redecorating project, contact us today to learn how we can help. You can also call us at (217) 753-1045 or stop by our store for assistance.  

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