What to Look for When Choosing A New Couch

A new couch purchased from a furniture store in Petersburg IL.

Furniture shopping can be a stressful process for anyone. Great furniture can be an investment so you want to make sure you are paying for the right piece of furniture for you and your home. Whether you just moved into your first place, your family is growing, or your current couch needs replacing, there are some things to look for when choosing a new couch. We created this list of some major things to consider before purchasing your next sofa. Our team of professionals at  The Furniture Den will also be available to ask any questions you may have. Call us now at (217) 753-1045.

Check the Fit

The most important thing about a couch is the fit. Does the couch fit well with you and your family? Will everyone be comfortable? When checking the fit of a sofa, you are mostly looking at the depth of the seats. Are you looking for a more deep or shallow seat? You should also consider the back of the couch. When sitting with your feet flat on the floor, in the back of the couch going to be comfortable for you and your family. Before committing to a couch, it is best to consider all of the questions and know what you and your family need to feel comfortable while sitting or laying on the couch. With our variety of couches at The Furniture Den, you are bound to find your perfect couch.

Measuring tape used to measure a couch from a furniture store in Petersburg, Illinois.Measure Your Space and Doorway

Before choosing your couch, you should measure the space you want to put it in as well as your doorway. The last thing you want is to find your perfect couch and it won’t even fit through the door. We recommend you measure your space and doorway before visiting our store so that you know exactly which couches to look at and which ones you don’t need to waste your time on. Many couches have been returned to our store because they couldn’t fit through the customer’s door. Don’t make the mistake of others and be prepared with the right measurements before visiting our furniture store.

Test the Operating Mechanisms

If you plan to buy a recliner or sleeper, it is best to fully test the operating mechanisms before purchasing your couch. As a feature that makes couches more expensive, you want to make sure there are no flaws in the way it operates before you commit to it. You want this investment to work best with you and last for a long time. That is why we recommend you repeatedly test the operating mechanisms of recliners and sleepers for any flaws. You also want to make sure you like all of the operating features that come with the couch before buying it. Understand how it works and if it will fit in with you and your family. You can contact us today to learn about our recliners and sleeper couches.

A couple in a local furniture store looking at a grey couch and white throw blanket to add to their living room furniture in Petersburg, IL.Test the Arms and Comfort

The structure and comfort of your couch are important. Couch arms are used as much as the cushions whether it’s for an armrest, pillow, or jungle gym for children. When you are browsing our collection of couches, we recommend that you fully test out the arms to ensure they can withstand the use they will receive in your home. If you plan to take many naps on the couch or have children that see the furniture as a source of adventure, you want to make sure that all parts of the couch are solid and won’t break under a lot of stress. Everyone wants their furniture to last for years to come, so don’t forget the second most used part of the couch when you are buying your next sofa.

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