How to Transform Your Space by Decluttering

A clean living room after decluttering to transform a space that is furnished by a furniture store in Springfield, IL.

Over the years we tend to accumulate stuff that can add clutter to our space. After a while, it can almost become too much to handle and can take over our space like our kitchen counters and dining room table. If you are tired of having clutter all over your home and want to transform your space then a simple way of doing that is by decluttering.  The Furniture Den has created a list of four simple ways you can transform your space by decluttering the unnecessary things in your home. We also have a large array of furniture and home décor that can also be a great way to transform your space! You can contact us at (217) 753-1045 to learn more!

Create a Collection Zone

Instead of leaving your clutter all over your home until you can properly put it in its place, creating a designated collection zone for your home can be a great way to declutter the rest of your space. A collection zone is just a space or container that all loose items can go when you arrive home or are too busy to properly put an item away. Putting your collection zone in a frequently trafficked area like the stairs, entryway, or kitchen and then making it a family rule can save you time on clean up as well as keeping the clutter from taking over your home. You can find a stylish basket or bin for your collection zone at our furniture store!

Decluttered dining table from a furniture store in Springfield, Illinois.Take Back The Table

Is your dining room table covered in so much clutter that you can’t use it for its real purpose? Throughout the day we tend to set things down on the table and forget about them, or we use the table for other things like homework or game night, and we don’t clean up after. Over time things like mail, homework, or packages can accumulate leaving your table unusable for meals resulting in you eating somewhere else or having to clear off space before every meal which can become tedious. Take back the table to transform your space. With the help of another table or a collection zone, you can take back your dining table, and create a nice clean space. If you want to replace your table while you are decluttering, at  The Furniture Den we have the perfect table for you!

Clear The Counters

One place that collects the most clutter is the kitchen counters. With so much foot traffic going through the kitchen every day, it’s become the undesignated collection zone. It also starts to collect everyday kitchen items like appliances, dishes, and food. After a while, you lose your counter space to clutter. If you are wanting to transform your kitchen space, the first place to start is your counters. By simply clearing off the counters you would be amazed at the transformation of your kitchen. Add nice touches of décor that also double as storage from our collection at The Furniture Den.

Couple watching a movie after decluttering their media to transform their space with the help of a furniture store in Springfield, IL.Manage Your Media

Are you and your family movie and book lovers? Or how about a family of gamers? Some of our favorite media can be a large contributor to clutter and mess. If you want to clear up your space for a more minimalist look, go through your media to organize and donate the ones you no longer need. Downsizing your media collection can surprisingly help declutter your space and transform your home to look fresh and new! If you need more space for organizing your favorite movies, books, or video games, our team at The Furniture Den can help you find the best furniture piece within our collection that will work best for what you need.

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